rose quartz polished stone

Rose Quartz Polished Pocket Stone

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Rose Quartz Polished Pocket Stone

The Love Stone

The Rose Quartz is strong for the star sign Taurus, it represents the planet Venus, the element of earth and the heart chakra. It is an emotionally balancing stone.

Love is a hugely important, if not THE most important aspect of our lives. If you’re struggling to feel loved, be loving, or simply maintain a vibration of love, every other aspect of your life will be off balance.

Wear one of our bracelets every day and reattune your energy with Rose Quartz. These powerful crystals radiate love throughout your vibrational energy, to aid you in attracting, feeling and manifesting love back into your life.

Rose Quartz is the best crystal to help dissipate painful memories related to love, find that someone special, or rekindle romance in a stagnant relationship.

It is a powerful healing crystal too; put several Rose Quartz in your bath to soothe your skin and promote youth; not only that, wear it as one of our bracelets to help ease general aches and pains. It is a great stone to calm yourself after a hectic day too.