Baby Amethyst Geode

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Baby Amethyst Geode (~1 Inch)

The Healing Stone

Amethyst represents the planet Uranus, the element of air and the crown chakra; which means it will give you an invigorating spiritual connection.

Wear one of our Amethyst bracelets everyday to enhance your aura and boost your self-esteem. If it is placed within and around your home it will bring happiness, health and relaxation, as well as dispel negative energy.

It is a strong and powerful healing stone; if you suffer with headaches and migraines, hold an Amethyst to your head to help it ease your pain. It will also stop you from feeling homesick if you have recently moved away or are travelling for long periods of time.

These crystals can also be used to recharge your other crystals; by putting your other crystals on a bed of or on an amethyst geode, it will reinvigorate them. Cleansing them of any energies you might have exposed them to.