Learn About Crystals

Learn about crystals, semi-precious stones, gem-stones right here...

They have existed on Earth since the beginning of time, and have been cherished by humans for millennia. Crystals are formed from minerals and they naturally appear in the Earth's surface. If you were to investigate the crystals and put them under a microscope you would see that their atomic structure has a 3-D trelliswork dynamic. And like our fingerprint, each one is unique.

For a time, knowledge of their power has faded. However, a resurgence in the belief of their effectiveness is creating new-found excitement and interest. They are renowned for having amazing healing properties, as well as their energy incorporating with your own and enhancing your life. You might say, they work as if by magic. Crystals vibrate; they are used in jewelry, in particular watches, and it's the quartz that provides the watches movement. 

The healing properties of crystals are mentioned in ancient text that dates back as far as the Bible and they are also used in Chinese medicine. You have to find what crystals work for you, each one has it's own powers and it's always worth sticking with it whilst your energy levels out along with the crystals energy.

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