About ZAIA

At ZAIA Crystal Energy we're passionate about providing you with the crystals that will help improve your life; whether that be to continue abundance or to create it.

This divine inspiration is what guided the development of our cyrstal quiz.

Through carefully written questions and detailed research on the healing properties of crystals, we are able to provide a highly accurate crystal recommendation. Our survey uncovers your unique issues and identifies which crystal will be most effective for you.

We believe crystals are truly powerful and are able to improve your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental well-being. Learn more about the power of crystals and how they can help raise the vibration of your energetic field.

We not only offer the crystals individually but we have a great range of crystal collections that are the perfect gifts for anyone who needs a bit of spiritual healing and support; or just for those who think they look pretty. If you have friends moving into a new house for example, help create their feng shui and buy them a moving in box which describes what crystal should placed where and for what particular reasons. We have a great variety of other crystal boxes too.

We also have a great selection of crystal bracelets so that you can keep this energy with you at all times. They are hand-made by ourselves and every ounce of our love, passion and positive energy goes into making these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

If there's something you are looking for but we don't have available then please contact us and we will try our hardest to make your wishes come true.