clear quartz beaded bracelet 6mm

Clear Quartz 6mm Beaded Bracelet

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Clear Quartz 6mm Beaded Bracelet

The Positivity Stone

Our Clear Quartz bracelets are hand-made with the utmost love, care, and positive energy so it can be sent to you to start, or continue your crystal journey. This is the perfect crystal to start with if you are just beginning on your crystal quest.

Clear Quartz represents all star signs, all planets, all elements and all chakras; it is a power house stone. Because of it's clarity and energetic power it is good to keep alongside your other crystals too, so that it enhances their powers also.

Let Clear Quartz raise your vibration and bring light into your life. This powerful healing stone radiates positive vibes and can cleanse and clear out negativity and self-doubt. Wear one of our bracelets everyday to surround yourself with the energy to heal.

With the powerful energy of Clear Quartz, you will be better equipped to achieve your dreams and goals because it encourages you to focus your energy and inspiration in your work. This stone's energy will aid you in manifesting your truest intentions. It has healing properties which enables you to ease pain from any sore parts when it is held on to the affected areas - it is the ultimate healing crystal. 

Keep Clear Quartz near you at all times to get the most of its powerful energy, healing abilities and to keep your mind focused.