lapis lazuli pocket stone

Lapis Lazuli Polished Pocket Stone

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Lapis Lazuli Polished Pocket Stone

The Communication Stone

Lapis Lazuli represents the planet Jupiter, the element of fire and the brow chakra. It is a very intuitive crystal.

Wear one of our Lapis Lazuli bracelets every day to enhance your natural abilities and to enable effective inner communication within yourself. Communication is an important and integral part of our lives, and can be difficult for many to master. It will enable you to directly speak your inner truth by communicating your emotions and intentions more clearly to those around you. 

Achieve relief with relationship issues; give this crystal to your partner to cement and crystalize your relationship. It help interpersonal conflict, drama, problems at work and home easily and effortlessly. Lapis Lazuli also has the power to activate your soul purpose and bring spiritual awareness to your inner being.