Citrine Polished Pocket Stone

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Citrine Polished Pocket Stone

The Self-Empowerment Stone

Citrine’s radiating energy is a catalyst for change and positive improvement. It is the stone for the Gemini star sign, the planet Mercury, the element of air and the solar plexus chakra.

If you feel stuck and need a boost of high power energy, let the Citrine crystal give you back your mojo and power of creativity to shine. It will lift you up, make you feel brighter and provide you with powerful motivation to make moves. Keep a small Citrine crystal in your purse of wallet to bring you abundance and wealth.

Citrine has healing properties, hold it to prevent you from feeling nauseous and from getting stomachache. It also brings positivity into your life, as well as enhances your relationships when you keep Citrine in your bedroom.